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Motormag | October 20, 2018

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Basic needs: Met!

Basic needs: Met!
  • On August 12, 2013

Family cars are meant to take you and your small family around, in adequate comfort and safety. If this is what you are looking for, well some say that the Etios is just about that.

The Toyota Etios enters the market as an entry-level sedan, and we must say that with this model, Toyota seems to have hit the nail on the head in most aspects. The Etios is a budget sedan that is set to meet most “eager to have a practical new car” families. And not just a car, as in a country where the expectations from one’s car are nothing short of driving to the moon, and that too on a single tank of gas!

The Looks
So how do you make a budget sedan, and yet pass the test of a typical demanding Mauritian family? While the main asset of such a car would be: practicality and utility, the Mauritian family needs the styling too! Well the Etios is not bad looking car; in fact it even actually looks relatively good. From certain angle you can somewhat see the styling of other models from Toyota: Corolla, Yaris Sedan… well it is kind of mix, yes let’s just put it like that. The front is not half bad looking, from the side well it’s got doors, the rear side has got a boot and it has ultimate sign of reliability sitting there – the Toyota logo! Love it or hate it, looks have always been debatable, and looks are not really the mojo of the Etios.

The Interior
As you get inside, you don’t look around in awe or you have your jaws droppped on the floor – none of these melodramatic feel ! You actually look around and say « oh it’s got the steering wheel in the right place, it’s got air conditioning and electric windows ! Nice ! » You also get a pretty cool option as standard, and by cool we mean the refrigerated glove box. The only thing that does not really appeal to the eyes may be the dashboard with a simple sticker showing the speed counter – but on the bright side at least you’ll be focusing on the road instead of looking at it. The cabin is pretty roomy, both front and back. The seats look like the bucket seats, but do not expect the bucket seats kind of feel ; atleast it will about just hold you in place when cornering. The cabin is safe too with driver and front passenger air bags, as opposed to its segment rival the entry-level Almera but does fall back in terms of noise as it’s not complete refinement. The real good stuff about the Etios is its boot, with a 595 litres of capacity (that’s 100 liters more than the Almera), you’ve got yourself a segment leading cargo space.

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