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Motormag | October 20, 2018

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Honda CR-V 2013 – A handsome package!

Honda CR-V 2013 – A handsome package!




We are at the dawn of what easily seems to be the most anticipated SUV from the land of the rising sun.  Sexier, with a bolder & more muscular look and a thrill to drive – this is the new 2013 Honda CR-V.                                                                                                                                                       


If you are looking for a vehicle to suit all possible needs, then look no further as the new CR-V has the power to make that dream of yours come true. This new model enters the market packed with Honda’s legendary reliability and a passion to offer nothing but the best to the clients. The CR-V is highly acclaimed across the globe and is held in high esteem by all petrol-heads. The first generation of CR-V set out to combine the elements of a car and an SUV. The CR-V did just that. This latest model of the CR-V really owes it to its predecessors, that over the years have been able to set a new benchmark with every new product launch. 2013 sees the fourth generation of CR-V, and this new model is by a clear mile, the best CR-V yet!


CR-V means “Comfortable Runabout Vehicle” and no other vehicle in its category and price range can claim to be the one that perfectly bridges the gap between the efficiency of a car and the functionality & security of an SUV.


The 2013 CR-V has got the looks more than ever before. Not a surprise really as the CR-V had to get better to keep up with or rather stay a step ahead of the competition. First unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2012, many were struck by the bold and classy look of the CR-V – kind of a ‘love at first sight’ story. But does the CR-V have a plot that will lead to a “happily ever after” ending? Well we set about to do just that and see how the story unfolds in our review.


For the review of the CR-V, we flew to South Africa, and we even had an exclusive access to a test-track – where we got to experience the CR-V in all possible ways. First things first – the looks. We already said that the CR-V has the look to please all. It adopts a bold and sleek design. The down pointing nose section gives the vehicle a low and planted look. The new headlights (with front LED daytime running lights) sit deep above the lower front bumper and blends immaculately with the flowing lines of the car. On its side the large window panels and the large wheel arches (home to the 18” wheels) further enhance the look and adds up to the CR-V’s character. While the panels give the vehicle a dynamic look, they also let us perceive the spacious feel within the cabin. The car looks big, almost of the same size of its predecessor, but don’t go by the looks – as the vehicle has had its length shortened by 5mm and overall height dropped 30mm. We also get to see the new tail lights – an impressive design that go all the way to the roof, and adopts an even more impressive LED light. By the looks of it, the CR-V is made to impress, and so far we’ve been very impressed!


As you step in inside, one can really see what the exterior has been crying out loud for. The interior design joins the rank of the exterior looks, with a further emphasis on space and functionality. There is a feeling of openness, a sort of freedom and no such thing as a clutter – especially with the number of function buttons on the steering wheel or the centre console where the ergonomics are spot on! The road visibility is at its best, with Honda’s high eye point. Takehiro Ishibashi, the designer of the CR-V’s interior wanted to “communicate the feeling you get when you stand on top of a mountain, looking down on the valley and seeing a panorama of the landscape.” These words of the designer almost make you want to cry, as they are true as true can be! Really!


The interior does narrate a story of freedom, space and timelessness. The seats have been moved closer to the twin sides of the CR-V, which allowed for a nice centre arm-rest and also to accommodate the air vents for the rear seats – yes rear ventilation. Oh and with seats closer to the sides of the vehicle, stepping in and out of a large vehicle has never been so easy! The space in the back is not half bad either, with more than enough head and leg room for the rear passenger – and despite the new dimension of the CR-V. With the rear seats folded flat, the boot capacity of the CR-V has grown by 148 litres to 1,648 litres and with the seats folded up, the boot capacity is 589 litres. The driving position is a treat, as you sit high up, and in the midst of a cabin that has security, safety, practicality and elegance oozing from everywhere. Even the plastic used on the dash, has a nice touch to it. So far so good for this new CR-V. It has got the looks, the character, the equipment and the practicality in terms of space & ergonomics, but what about the drive? And this where we actually get to discover the CR-V and see how good it really is.

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