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Motormag | October 20, 2018

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Moves like Jagger

Moves like Jagger
  • On August 23, 2013

It’s a Jaguar. We could have just left our lead paragraph to that only, as the name in itself emanates legacy, pace and grace. The XF 2.0 is the latest part of the Jaguar’s revival since the takeover of Indian conglomerate : Tata. With a downsized turbo engine of 2.0, never has an important chunk of the automobile industry been more popular !

« So get in the car, we can ride it. Wherever you want, get inside it… » Ok so we’ll take it from here. We all know the Maroon 5 tribute song to The Rolling Stones’ lead vocalist and one of Rock & Roll’s most influential frontmen : Mick Jagger. In the same ways Mick was to the ‘Stones’, the XF is almost like the juju of Jaguar and we are set to experience just that with our review. Under Tata, Jaguar is getting the attention it was denied during its Ford days. As one of the flagship of the British automobile industry, Jaguar is making some outstanding looking and astoundingly reliable cars.


The Look

The Jaguar XF is a superb saloon that incorporates all the grace and warmth that (according to many) makes Jaguar better than its German rivals in many ways. You just have to look at it and you’ll just nod along in approval. Well, there’s no beating around the bush – the Jaguar XF is simply one of the best automotive designs of the current era. Slick, sophisticated and a winner of more than 100 international awards, the XF announced Jaguar’s return to the top shelf in no uncertain terms. From the front, the hallmark Jaguar grille is surrounded by exotic headlights with superb crystal white DRLs in the shape of a Jaguar ‘J’ and the side view with the coupe-like sloping roof and sporty front fender air-ducts is very purposeful and dynamic.

It’s not a surprise really as whenever and wherever the conversation turns to the Jaguar XF, it’s all about the design. We absolutely adore the looks of this XF, maybe this new colour trim has added to our feelings for the car. If you compare it to its segment rivals, the 5 series or the E-Class, we can see how the Jag is strutting its stuff with its assertive frontal and elegantly subtle rear. Jaguar got the looks alright with their original swagger and will make many more people to fancy themselves in an XF. Seeing it in pictures and at motor shows, one can be tempted to judge the nose as slightly overworked, and the tail as slightly over-subtle. But actually that’s the right way to go. Consider: if a car comes the other way, you see its face go by in a handful of seconds. The only time you get the chance to study a car at length on the road is when you’re following it, either directly or in an adjacent motorway lane. This means the frontal aspect has to be assertive to make a quick impression, while the rear end can be more subtle but has to be flawless. Some say the rear does share a little bit of the same look as an Aston Martin, now seriously who would complain about that? We’ve always liked the Jaguar XF rear-end with its elegant, modern tail-lights, curved wheel-arches and just the right amount of chrome highlights.


The Interior

Inside, the Jaguar XF remains a standout. Whether experienced from the driver or passenger seat, the cabin of the Jaguar XF is a uniquely welcoming and stylish place in which to spend time, using high-end materials in a truly contemporary manner. The moment you get in, you are bound to be either dumbstruck or have your jaw dropped in awe. As you sit your lucky behind in the leather seats, you know that you are in the front row of something big in the making. The Jaguar XF incorporates a formidable amount of technology but in true Jaguar fashion it is integrated seamlessly into the function of the car and controlled through a central seven-inch Touch-screen with a new polarising filter for better contrast viewing.



In order to reduce driver workload, additional switches have been added below the Touch-screen to instantly switch between different functions while new graphics are based on those in Jaguar’s flagship XJ. You look around the very well designed cockpit, with a beautiful blend of aluminum, fine wood finish and leather, the front console with the touch-screen monitor and every buttons and knobs swearing testimony to ergonomics of the highest order. The XF is also high on safety & security features in the likes of the ABS, EBA, Electric Parking Brake, Jaguar’s Pedestrian Contact Sensing System and front & rear parking aid with visual indicator and reverse camera. The Brits like to keep things among themselves, which is why you will find yourself treated to one the best audio systems around: Meridian. So there you go, fine equipments and comfort in the finest of cars. We won’t be going in the back just yet, as there is much to the front cabin in itself as things just get better!

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