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Motormag | October 20, 2018

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Spark of youth

  • On October 9, 2013

The Chevrolet Spark is set to enter the market as a young crowd winner with its completely new design and appeal. The big small one is here.

Young people have weird needs and wants, they often tend to add stuffs to their hair, and have you seen their wardrobe? They go about something called ‘swag’; which we believe is the most inappropriate thing to say in public for some reason. But then there is a spark of new hope or maybe even some newfound self-respect. They can actually, now get a decent looking young car to make up for their young adult life – the Chevy Spark.

The Look
The Spark has had a major redesign and now finds itself with a more ‘aggressive’ and if we may say so, an ‘angry’ look. It is fair to say that the slightly angry look does match with the state of mind of a young crowd, kind of rebellious. And as a small city car would go by, the Spark does not want to be the cute and cuddly one, far from it. Now don’t go around thinking that the Spark has got them lethal looks, it is a small car, and despite the efforts of making it at the very least look sporty, well it is all looks in this department.
Our test car is the LS version of the Spark, which has a sportier front bumper, a sports decal package and smoky-black 15-inch alloys. These add-ons do actually help to put the Spark in a better light. If you catch a glimpse of the car, you may simply see a small city car with nothing more to offer; but as you put together the little tweaks and bits together you can actually say that the Spark is in fact a pretty good looking car. What helped? Well did you see the headlights? They are huge! The massive front light clusters stretch right from the bumper to almost the frontal windshield! Did we mention the front bumper and its larger badge? Well it all adds up to making what Chevrolet wanted the Spark to at least look like – aggressive. The integrated exhaust in the rear bumper is a neat feature. But like many such systems, this is a styling conceit; the actual exhaust (which is much smaller) can be seen within. Chevrolet say that by integrating the rear door handles into the C-pillars, it has achieved the sporty looks of a three-door with the convenience of a five-door.
The most obvious benefit of the Chevrolet Spark being such a large city car is that it offers a surprising amount of interior room both front and rear. The cargo space is very appealing for a small car we mean. The 170 litres in the boot is not half bad, and with the Spark’s comparatively lengthy wheelbase and high roofline mean it can swallow 568 litres with the rear seats folded, and here access and shape are more important than outright capacity. While space within is not a problem; neither is the look and feel. The entire dash is set up in an extrovert manner. Except maybe for the centre stack and instrument dial. It looks like those we find on motorbikes, but why? Well anyway, it does stand out of the lot, but as you browse through the panel you can’t actually see the info, as your hand is in the way but it might just take some getting used to and you won’t have any problem.

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