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Motormag | October 20, 2018

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The Malay Supermini

The Malay Supermini
  • On September 11, 2013

Here is your chance to put a decent looking car in your driveway at an even more reasonable price. The Malaysian constructor, Perodua, has been building cars for years now, and has been quite a hit with the Myvi being the best selling car for 5 consecutive years in its home country: Malaysia!


If you haven’t heard of Perodua and the Myvi, then you must have been living in a cave, or even if it is less likely to happen, you must have probably seen it on the road and mistook it for a Toyota Passo. Thing is that, you must be having quite a hard time judging cars if you mistake it for the Passo (even if it is based on the latter). The Myvi, as opposed to the Toyota Passo, plays in a different league when it comes to looks!


The Look

The recent facelift of the Myvi clearly deserves a round of applause, as it looks staggeringly good when you think that it is actually based on the Passo; the body kits playing a major part in making the Myvi a better-looking car than its base model. Then you have that front grille; very sporty! To tell you the truth we were not expecting such good styling from the Myvi, but it really is a pretty good looking super compact hatch. From the side, it has got this high roof; short overhangs both front and rear, and that down sloping front making the Myvi very pleasing to the eye. The high roof also gives us an insight of the headroom on the inside and it just so happened that we got inside! Yay!


The Interior

The Myvi’s interior is quite welcoming, and in no way did it give away the impression of a non-expensive car. It is very well built, and does not show signs of bits and parts sticking out – it is actually well glued together as opposed to some of its Chinese rivals. The dash has got this three-way-dial that again is reminiscent of the Myvi’s attempt to be sporty. We are not the biggest fans of the carbon-like finish on the handles and rests, but it may be appealing to a lot of our Mauritian counterparts. The front cabin will give both driver and passenger alike a good amount of space. The Myvi is also high on technology with the built in MP3/WMA, USB and Bluetooth compatible entertainment console. It has got a fair amount of storage slots as well, slots that will help you keep all your road trip random items reachable. Oh and the under seat trays will easily accommodate an A4 size paper… so there you go your DLC is now safe and dry; and definitely not folded!

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